“The only time you should ever look back is to see how far you’ve come.”

As 2015 comes to an end, I can summarize the year in one word – transition. While 2014 was a year of building towards change, 2015 was about handling all of that change.

It was my first full year as a homeowner – handling a mortgage, shoveling the walkways, mowing the lawn and becoming President of the HOA.

It was also my first full year as a commercial real estate broker – the security blanket of a salary was gone and now I was working on commission and making cold calls, giving property tours, selling properties and leasing office space. It was a sharp learning curve with many bumps along the way as I learned my new role.

It was also a transition from a predictable 9 to 5 job into one where I worked a minimum of 60+ hours per week, never knowing if I would have to attend a school board meeting, speak in front of a City Council or meet the Archbishop.

I was extremely busy and it was very challenging, but also rewarding as I received a promotion and have found myself part of a successful, winning team.

It was also a year in which I started off having just left my CrossFit gym. I became a gym nomad for the first six months trying out classes at Alchemy, [solidcore] and Pelicano Endurance Coaching.

I also returned to UpperCut Boxing Gym and paddleboarding with Flow Fitness. But it wasn’t until I met Danny, the head coach and owner of CrossFit Kingfield, that I finally found a new home.

Over the last six months, Danny, Amanda, Chris, Tony and Caitlin have greatly improved my form and technique, identified mobility issues and helped me set clear goals for 2016. I have grown to fully embrace their motto, “No crowns. Just courage.”

In looking back, I realize that the highlights of the year are many:

  • Interviewing Jen Sinkler, Abby Hoeschler and Miles Dombrovski about their training and nutrition.
  • Attending the Strong Man Seminar at CrossFit Uffda with Jake and Nate.
  • Traveling to Nicaragua with Paleo Nick and an amazing group of 25 strangers where I learned how to surf, learned how to play Bananagrams and Cribbage, and rediscovered my love for CrossFit.
  • Completing “Murph” on Memorial Day side-by-side with my buddies Josh and Ryan at Solcana CrossFit.
  • Getting back on the horse at the Twin City Throwdown in July.
  • Competing in the Granite Games with Nick and Chris, where I proved to myself that I have the capacity to go beyond my perceived limits when I have the focus and the drive.
  • Tying for first in the Twin City Throwdown on Halloween with my teammate Tom.
  • Completing the 21-day sugar detox, which helped me sleep better, eat better, think better and feel best both mentally and physically than I have ever felt in years.

I’m ready for the new year. I don’t anticipate there to be more changes; rather, I believe it will be a time to focus on constantly improving at my job and at work.

I’m going to minimize distractions for the year and I’m going to find ways to better handle the “new normal”.

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