Winning Halloween

On a day full of goblins, ghouls and ghosts, I decided to get my thrills by competing in the Twin City Throwdown at Timberwolf CrossFit.

If you recall, I had done one of the throwdowns back in July and just came 1 point short of reaching the podium in the individual Men’s Scaled division.

This time it was a partner competition and I recruited my friend Tom from TwinTown Fitness to join me.

This was Tom’s first competition and he was admittedly nervous. We had met twice this past month to train together.

We weren’t sure what the workouts were going to be so I just came up with some programming that would require us to work on our endurance and that tested our communication skills.

We finally found out the events the day before the competition. There was a a total of four events and teams had to go from one event right into the next.

Each event between the work and the rest was 10-minutes long. We were going to be in the first heat with the only other team in the Men’s Scaled Division – Troy & Jason.

Regardless of the small field, we had to treat this competition like any other. Tom and I got to Timberwolf early so that we could warm-up and not feel rushed. We were able to test out all the movements and get the lay of the land.

At high noon, it was time to start and we were ready to go!


9 min AMRAP of 10-20-30-40-etc. Wall Balls (14#) + Box Jumps (20″)

This was nothing but work – a ton of work. The 14# on the wall ball and the shorter box jump height made it comfortable.

It was just all about sweat and energy and maintaining a good pace. We decided that I would do the first 10 wall balls and then Tom would do the first 10 box jumps.

Then in the second round, we would start alternating 10 and 10. We were able for the most part to keep our numbers of reps high and were a few short at the buzzer of completing 50-50.

Score = 292 reps
Place = 1st


Each member finds 7 rep max front squat from rack

With only a minute of rest after Event 1, it was time to quickly catch our breath and throw some weight on the bar and get lifting.

Tom, feeling the previous workout, smartly decided to start at 115# so that he could get a score on the board.

Based on how our warm-up had gone, I felt comfortable starting at 135#. We both had successful lifts and had a score on the board and so the only place to go was up.

Tom went for a second lift at 135# and looked strong hitting all 7 reps. However, after he racked the bar, he knew that was as far as he was going to be able to go that afternoon.

We then threw on more weight and I made my second lift at 155#.

We still had a few minutes left and so I decided to make one more lift. I wanted to do 160#, but my poor math skills led to me loading the bar up to 165#. I decided to leave it and just go for it knowing that the extra pounds could help.

It might not have been a conservative move, but I figured, “Why the hell not? Go big or go home.”

That bravado and competitive mindset is the attitude I’ve been slowly and surely building up over the last two years. Thankfully I wasn’t all talk and I successfully made the lift.

Score = 135# + 165# = 300#
Place = 1st


For time – 6 x 200 meter Run

Outside in parking lot with people’s kids running around in their costumes and cars passing by on their way to the Goodwill store and a light breezy rain, we lined up for the running relay.

We each had to complete three 200-meter sprints, alternating turns.

Plain and simple, Troy from the other team was just fast as [expletive]. Tom and I ran like the wind but he was a hurricane.

He gave their team a great lead and we were never able to close the gap. They finished 27 seconds ahead. Thankfully our effort did at least leave us with 6 minutes of rest before the final event.

Score = 03:46
Place = 2nd


For time – 4 Rounds of 15 Deadlifts (135#) + 15 burpees to plate with extension

In the last Event, Tom and I had to alternate and each complete two full rounds. Tom was tired and thought he might have to break up the deadlifts.

But we were able to both quickly knock out all the deadlifts in unbroken sets. The burpees were… fine.

Burpees are never great and having to hop onto a low plate was just awkward; but, we made it.

Score = 04:59
Place = 2nd

With Tom’s last burpee complete, we were done for the day. We felt great. Both of us agreed that we felt we had gone as fast as we could through all the workouts and had lifted what we were capable of in the front rack.

There was nothing to question in terms of performance. We had kept moving. We had kept pushing.

It was an awesome effort and one to celebrate in terms of a job well done. Now the only question was how the other team had done.

We knew that they beat us on the run in the Event 3 and that they finished Event 4 before us.

However, we had no clue how many reps they got in Event 1 and what weight was on their bar in Event 3. In fact, the other team wasn’t sure what we were up to either.

At one point while we were watching and cheering on the other competitors, Jason from the other Men’s Scaled team asked me, “So did you win?”

“What?” I laughed. “No, you won.”

“I’m not sure. We didn’t have very heavy lifts.”

We didn’t compare notes as I don’t think either of us wanted to pry or even knew how many reps we got in Event 1. It got me thinking that maybe we had in fact tied.

All was soon revealed as they set up the podium made of boxes. They announced the Men’s Scaled results first and it was in fact a tie for 1st place.

It turned out in Event 1 that Jason & Troy had only 262 reps and in Event 2 their total weight was 265#. Sharing the 1st place position on the podium had all four of us and the crowd in smiles.

It was a great end to what had been a truly fun day of competing.

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