Tracking Water Intake

As per the direction of my remote​ coach, Amanda from Central Athlete, I’ve been tracking my daily water intake for the past 30 days.

She asked me to make it a daily goal to drink 84 ounces of water. The science behind the number is that it is approximately half my body weight (175 pounds) in ounces.

To track my water, as mentioned on her before, I use a free iPhone app called Waterlogged.

You can see in the chart below that I have been inconsistent this past month. I missed the mark 12 out of 30 days.

I am going to focus over the next month to hit 84 ounces all thirty days in a row. Hopefully the warmer weather will make more often grab for an ice cold glass of water because I sometimes forget, especially when I am busy with work, to take a sip.

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