The Road to Fargo: Tunnel Song

As the hours countdown until the start of the Dakota Games, I’m thinking about how I get myself energized and ready to fight.

How do I pump myself up to enter the arena? What do I do to feel like a heavyweight contender rather than a chump?

One solution is not much of a secret as we see it in professional sports all the time – its having a good tunnel song.

In the NFL, it’s the song that blasts over the speaker system when the home team takes the field. In MLB, it’s the song they play before a batter steps up to the plate.

And in the WWE, it’s the song that clearly lets you know that the Rock or John Cena are about to knock some heads in.

Celebrity fitness trainer Gunnar Peterson explains that a “tunnel” song is “like when the turbo in a car kicks in.”

It’s the song to get your heart racing, the crowd cheering and the excitement level in the room go from zero to sixty in two seconds.

My tunnel song is “Can’t Hold Us” by Macklemore. Every time I hear it I think about seeing perform live last summer at the State Fair.

There in the Grandstand, with thousands of us having waited out the rain, were euphoric when he and his crew sang this song. Everyone danced with joy and felt like they could conquer the world.

When I hear it during a WOD I pick up the pace and feel stronger and faster than ever. And come tomorrow I’ll be singing the song in my head waiting for that starting gun to go off.

In a few verses, I’ll go from feeling like an amateur to thinking I’m a superstar.

What’s your tunnel song and why? Share in the comments section below.

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