The Quest for Freeze Fest – Event 4 Announced

On January 17th, I will be competing in the Freeze Fest Team Challenge in the scaled division for the second year in a row.

The organizers continue to announce the events and recently released info about Event Four. It is a 5-minute AMRAP of snatches and pull-ups.


Athletes perform 12 Snatches as a team, then they run to the rig and do 12 pull-ups as a team. Athletes must be together at all times with both at the mat or at the rig before work is completed.

Athletes may switch as needed to get the work done. Score is total reps as a team.

Snatches: 95/63lb
Score is total reps as a team.
Run distance will be given at the event.

Why must the CrossFit gods continue to taunt me?!? This is now the second of four events focused around the Olympic lifts. Can’t we just do some back squats for time?

Regardless, I feel good about the running distance as I started doing track workouts on Saturday mornings.

And I also feel very confident in my pull-ups. I have been working on strict pull-ups two times per week, both close-grip and wide-grip.

I know that concentrated effort will translate over to being able to knock out a set of 12 kipping pull-ups.

Maybe my partner can just take care of all the snatches? I am half joking, but as I start to now think through the events, I’m reminded of the importance of a great partner and an excellent strategy.

There will be many conversations over the next few weeks as we put together our game plan so that we can best leverage each other’s strengths.

We are just over thirty days away. I am getting excited!

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