Review: [solidcore]

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure(?) of doing a workout at [solidcore] in St. Louis Park. The gym opened at The Shops at West End this past October and my friend Whitney who coaches there has been encouraging me to give a try ever since.

She even invited me to bring a group of friends along for a private class.

It’s a new fitness class concept that was founded in last 2013 in Washington D.C. and that is quickly growing a cult following.

First Lady Michelle Obama has even been spotted as a repeat client.

We all met up on a brisk Sunday afternoon late last month with no clue what a [solidcore] class entailed or realizing how sore we were going to be the next few days after.

Let me try my best to describe this 50-minute, full body workout.

The class is focused around the MegaFormer, which is like a Plates machine that utilizes springs and a sliding platform.

It is a bit nerve wracking to first step up on it, but you adapt quickly. Throughout the workout, you use slow and controlled full-body movements to work your muscle fibers.

For example, we did slow lunges where one foot was on the stable platform while the other was on the sliding platform.

Rather than doing high quantity of movements, it is all about high quality.

Planks, lunges, and the other targeted exercises we went through for legs, arms, oblique and abs were all designed to force the muscles to stay contracted throughout the entire range of motion.

And this is where it gets really intense and really sweaty. As you hold the various positions, your heart rate is up and you can feel your body shaking from the tension that has been created.

The class itself is a wonderful contrast of these slow tempo movements and long holds with the high energy music that is blasting and the voice of the coach providing direction and encouragement throughout.

Though maybe biased in my opinion, Whitney was great in pushing us all, helping us make adjustments as needed and getting us through this very intense workout.

Everyone had a great time. It is a unique fitness class that I am sure would pay off huge results for those who consistently attend.

No two classes are alike, though the MegaFormer is always the center of the activity. The movements can all be scaled by adding dumbbells or increasing the tension on the machines.

It left my friends and I sore as it clearly worked muscles that we weren’t targeting in our normal gym routines. It’s definitely not for everyone.

However, for those who are looking for results and enjoy a small group class setting with great coaches and great music it’s worth trying out.

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