Introducing My Teammate

While this online journal is focused on my own training, the fact is that I will be competing as part of a team at Freeze Fest in February and my teammate is a total BAMF.

Her name is Alice and she is a mom, she is a wife, she is a lawyer and she just turned 40 years old this fall. And the dirty little secret is that she could seriously kick my ass.

We met first via Facebook as Alice signed up to run the Tough Mudder with the team from our CrossFit gym, which I was helping organize.

It took weeks after she registered for us to actually meet in class. The first thing I noticed was that she was that she had a huge smile as we introduced ourselves.

I thought the smile was just because she was being nice, but since then I have never seen her not be smiling, whether having just finished a workout or randomly bumping into her in the skyway in downtown Minneapolis.

As the team prepared for Tough Mudder, we had a weekly trail run on Saturdays in Theo Wirth Park. Every week, Alice had to excuse herself due to her family obligations but she swore she was running on her own.

And of course she was because I learned quickly that Alice works her butt off. She put so much time and dedication into the Tough Mudder and exponentially more to get ready for the Granite Games.

She arrives to class early so she can work on double-unders, she makes training fit into her hectic schedule and she never complains.

Watching her compete in the Granite Games was truly inspiring. She and her teammate Lara did awesome.

One of the workouts involved muscle-ups, a very advanced movement. Alice can’t do muscle-ups (yet). However, when it came time in to get on the rings, she did.

It is one thing to attempt a muscle-up with the knowledge that you are most likely going to fail in front of two or three people at your gym.

It is a whole different situation to attempt a muscle-up with over 1,000 people watching in the heat of the competition. But she did – multiple times. And while she wasn’t successful, she proved she had grit.

Alice is an absolutely amazing person. Her personal story is long and complex and I couldn’t do it justice nor is the proper forum to share it.

What I do know is that she is going to train hard and give it her all in the competition. She will persevere in the face of adversity and she is going to do it with a smile.

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