I’m Going to Camp!

With so much going on in my life outside the gym (i.e. a new position at work, buying my first home), I’m very excited to be going on vacation in less than two weeks.

It will be a chance to unplug and take some time to reflect on all these changes.

However, I’m not headed to the beach to work on my tan or going to some famous city to sightsee.

Instead, I am packing my gym stuff, a sleeping bag and headed to camp.

I will be flying down to Nashville to attend Power Monkey Camp, a week long training and educational clinic, plus competition, for adults of all levels.

It will be featuring some of the world’s top coaches and athletes from gymnastics, weightlifting, and CrossFit – including the two main coaches, Olympic gymnastics team member David Durante and Olympic weightlifting team member Chad Vaughn.

There will be a wide range of box owners, coaches, competitive athletes and average Crossfitters spanning all levels in attendance.

And it truly is camp for adults as we all will be staying in shared cabins. This past week, I got my camper’s packet and the packing list included linens, towels, toiletries and all the other essentials you would need for summer camp.

This is not a luxury hotel and there will be no bellhops.

It is a very full week of training. For the first four days, we’ll be split into groups and rotate through 10 different stations:

  • Handstand Work
  • Ring Work
  • Pull Up/High Bar Work
  • Parallel Bar/Parallettes
  • Snatch
  • Clean & Jerk
  • Programming
  • Jump Rope
  • Mobility/Flexibility
  • Injury Rehab

There will also be open gym time to work on form and train on all the equipment. Plus, there are a ton of available outdoor activities, some organized events and even a field trip to CrossFit Mayhem, the home of Rich Froning.

On the last day of camp, there will be team and individual competitions.

To complement all the training, it will be a week of clean eating as all meals will be catered by Paleo Nick.

There will be no sloppy joes or bug juice. The posted menu does sound delicious and it will cool to be exposed to a lot of new recipes each day.

It’s going to be a very active week; but I am excited for the opportunity to learn, meet a ton of amazing fellow athletes and coaches, and have a healthy respite from my very chaotic world right now at home.

Who would have known a planned week in the gym would sound so relaxing?

So now my question is how can I best take advantage of this week-long camp? Check out the list of who’s attending?

How can I best share my experience with all you fellow goat killers? Should I try to interview any of the coaches?

What advice should I try to gleam from this kick-ass training staff? Let me know as I prepare to head to camp!

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