Goal Setting for 2016 – Part 2

“Our goals can only be reached through a vehicle of a plan, in which we must fervently believe, and upon which we must vigorously act. There is no other route to success.” – Pablo Picasso

Last week I spoke about the goal setting workshop that I attended at CrossFit Kingfield. Coaches Danny and Emily led myself and the other attendees through a very thoughtful process of identifying the elements in our lives that acts as support or barriers to us achieving our goals. We also discussed the actions we take each day that advance or hinder these goals.

While I was clear on what was working and what was not in my life, I still wasn’t able at the end of the workshop to focus in on what my specific, measurable, actionable, realistic, time specific goal would be for 2016.

Danny generously offered to meet one-on-one to talk through the worksheet he had created and see if we can get clear.

When we sat down together, Danny started the conversation by asking, “What was the best you felt all year (2015)?”

Surprising myself a little, I responded immediately that it was when I did the 21-day sugar detox. I was sleeping better, hitting my morning workouts, more clear-headed at work and my energy levels were pretty consistent throughout the day.

We then talked about what I wrote down as my support and barriers. Danny honed in on the elements that affected my day-to-day job – listening skills and organization. I shared that the past year had been successful at work but that I was working 65+ hours per week and that there had been a sharp learning curve.

My teammates were supportive but looking for me to be more diligent with client communications and get ahead of my projects. With so much of my week being dedicated to my job and the priority it played in my life, Danny helped me identify my goal for 2016 – to make noticeable improvement at work.

How was that going to happen? We went over the idea of checkpoints throughout the year. In 3 months, I would refine my organizational skills and develop 2 new ways to improve my listening skills. In 6 months, I would develop my own metric to measure my progress at work (such as how long it took me to complete projects).

In 9 months, I would start to more closely track my hours at work to see if I had become more efficient – could I get more done in less time? And in 12 months, my efforts would be realized by being able to clearly started for myself that I was successful in creating an efficient system to become a better professional. This could also be measured by year-end performance review.

I was expecting that a conversation with my CrossFit coach about goal setting was going to revolve around identifying lifts and movements, like hitting a new personal record in the deadlift or being able to maintain a handstand hold for 15 seconds.

Yet, here we were discussing how the gym was going to supplement my success at the office. This was a huge flip in my thinking.

Over the past few years, my interests have been heavily skewed towards what was going on at the gym, what competitions I was preparing for, and trying to figure out the best programming to get bigger and stronger.

Last year, with the change in my position at work, the gym was competing for my time and focus. More and more, I had to adjust my schedule to make sure work could be my priority, which I happily wanted it to be. After a few years of being “fine” about my job, now it was front and center.

Through our conversation, Danny helped free me from the pressure I was putting on myself that the gym needed to be more than I really could afford. My job is no to be a professional CrossFitter. I have no misguided ambitions that I am suddenly going to the Games.

I need to start thinking about how the gym fit into my long-term vision of health and wellness. We agreed that moving forward I am going to hit the gym on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings at the 6am class and go to the Saturday class at 9am. I would also maintain my weekly yin yoga class at Yess Yoga.

Now his one caveat was that whenever I am at the gym, I should give it all my effort and attention. No thinking about work or my dating life or any other obligations. For that hour I should go full force and commit to being truly present.

With that said, maintaining good habits will be paramount. I am going to eat clean and focus on consistently going to bed on time and drinking enough water, etc.

While I still want the bigger chest and six-pack abs, I’ve got to let those come from being diligent about what I eat and drink and now that they don’t happen overnight.

I am also going to put the CrossFit competitions on the back burner in 2016. It causes too many ebbs and flows in my training and diet as I gear up for one and then deload rather than consistent training throughout the year.

Plus finding teammates, scheduling extra training sessions, etc. just end up eating too much of my time and energy.

I am excited to see the progress that I make at my job with this mindset and approach. If I can gain back some extra hours in my week through being more organize and efficient at my job, than I will have more time to relax and maintain my mental wellness, along with the physical. The before and after should be revealing.

Here’s to a successful year!

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