By the Numbers

I just completed my first week of training and am physically exhausted. Going to the gym 5 times this week was a lot and produced a much different feeling than my usual routine of three classes plus maybe a run or a swim or yoga.

The workload was intense and is best explained by simply looking at the numbers. Here is what I did in Week 1:

The fun of it is that I get to do it all again in Week 2, but with more weight and more reps.

So how do I feel so far? I feel like I finished the week really strong. One key thing that helped for sure was that I was in bed before 10:30pm every night this past week, if not earlier.

Today we did 10 sets of 3 for both the push press and back squat. I made adjustments as advised by Coach Teddy to my form in both lifts that really made a world of difference.

In the push press, I made sure to keep my heels planted and push my knees out in the dip. I also made sure that when lowering the bar I had soft knees to help absorb the weight.

In the back squat, I was looking down at the ground, which caused my whole body to lean forward. By making sure to look ahead and not down, it curbed that natural inclination.

All in all, I am ready for Week 2 but very excited that tomorrow is a day off.

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