Aye Kalimba: Turn Down for What?

The following is a guest post from Kalimba Edwards, a friend, athlete, firefighter and self proclaimed “everyday soccer mom”.

Her current goal is to attempt one competition every month in 2021. She regularly shares her adventures on her blog Aye Kalimba – the training, the people she meets, the highs and lows, and the lessons learned.

Each month, we will catch up with Kalimba to hear about her progress. This month Kalimba tells us about how an unexpected accident made for a change in plans.

Everyone who knows me knows that I like to keep busy. If I don’t have ten things going on at once I feel like I’m standing still.

Most of this comes from having a naturally chaotic brain but some comes from my desire to succeed at knocking off goals on my ever changing “bucket list”.

I had every intention of making this the year of AyeKalimba. The year of the Gemini. This summer I was about to turn it ALL the way up. I mean, turn down for what? But as my mother always says, “Want to make God laugh? Tell him your plans.”

Exactly one month ago today my life got flipped upside down. Literally. I was riding my bike (super fast like my hero S1 of course) when a car side-swiped me.

My bike and I were both thrown about ten feet and I believe I landed right on my head although the details are still unclear.

I do remember sitting up and yelling “I’m all right” before the lights dimmed and I was out cold.

I still chuckle a little when I think of my immediate reaction only because my oldest brother and I always say that this is a clear sign of someone “not alright”.

I seriously thought I was dead or dying. Right there, with no I.D. and no one knew where I was because why would I wake someone to tell them I’m riding my bike at 5am? What’s that thing they say about hindsight?

Good thing in less dramatic fashion I regained consciousness to find myself alone with a broken bike and about two miles away from home.

I brushed myself off, cause that’s what a real OG does, and started the walk. I decided to call Josh to see if he could run a quick concussion screening on me from 30 miles away.

I really don’t know what I said to him. I think I made a lot of jokes and he laughed or maybe that’s because I think I’m always making people laugh.

Then I called my sister, Cassandra, who is a nurse and asked if I should go to Mercy or HCMC for a head injury. “Uh yeah, Cassie, sorry to wake you but for a head injury which hospital should I go to?” What kind of phone call is that to wake up to early morning?

I remember walking by a couple that I see every morning and thinking, “Just be cool.” Like I was drunk or trying to hide something.

I had an egg the size of a softball on my temple, I’m stumbling, and can’t see straight, walking my mangled bike and I’m worried about them thinking I’m not a good person. Crazy!

I get home, tell my husband he will have to drive me to the hospital and then take a shower. Yes, I said I took a shower – just like any emergency worker would do in that situation.

God forbid I’m not smelling fresh when I reach the ER. I’ve gagged too many times to put that evil on someone else.

Long story short, I was diagnosed with a moderate concussion the first day. I was told to rest for three days which I did (kind of).

On the fourth day, I worked out and ended up back at the doctor with a severe migraine. My moderate concussion ended up being severe.

I’ve been battling migraines and bouts of depression every since. One step forward, two steps back.

I’m thankful though because it could have been worse. If I didn’t have my helmet on I would have been dead.

There is no question in my mind about that. I’ve been off work for a month, which isn’t as wonderful as it sounds.

I’m one of those people that thinks work days are actually vacation days from the real hard work of wife, mother, housekeeper, blah, blah blah..

I would describe my last month as ‘letting myself go’ but everyone reassures me I was just letting myself rest.

I learned to be easy on myself or suffer the consequences.

What have I learned over the last month? To be easy on myself or suffer the consequences. I have also learned that if I don’t clean and cook everyday the world doesn’t explode.

I have learned that even if I eat gas station sandwiches and bags of chips while watching Master Chef, my kids and husband still love me.

I have learned that my mother is my angel, again. She is my strength and to see her worry about me makes me want to make sure I am well.

I pride myself on being the backbone of my brothers and sister, but I have learned that we all need each other equally.

They keep me sane, well as sane as I can be. I also learned that my friends, real life and Facebook, are pretty amazing.

Everyone offered a hand or hug and that made my heart smile over and over again. Special shout out to Rigor Nation crew. It’s times like this when you find out why the CrossFit community is so important.

This blog post may ramble, but I am nursing a head injury 🙂 Or maybe I always ramble. Regardless, be on the look out for my next adventure.

It was going to be MMA, but I’m guessing my doctor wont clear me for that right now.

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