Aye Kalimba: I do it for us.

The following is a guest post from Kalimba Edwards, a friend, athlete, firefighter and self proclaimed “everyday soccer mom”. Her current goal is to attempt one competition every month in 2014.

She regularly shares her adventures on her blog Aye Kalimba – the training, the people she meets, the highs and lows, and the lessons learned.

Each month, we will catch up with Kalimba to hear about her progress. In her latest post, Kalimba recounts her experience competing with her son at the Thanksgiving Throwdown at CrossFit Rigor.

I can clearly remember the day when I noticed my oldest son Ty had concerns about my drinking.

We were on a family vacation in Florida and passed a liquor store the had a huge sign that read “WINE SALE.”

“I’m surprised you didn’t turn in there mom,” he said kind of laughing, kind of not.

My older brother Josh was with us and took this opportunity to ask a tough question.

“Why do you say that? Does your mom drink too much.” He questioned because that’s what big brothers do.

“Yeah, maybe.” Ty responded.

I got all defensive. Then I turned it into a joke. Then I got quiet and maybe a bit mad. You know, the stages that every alcoholic goes through every time someone questions their drinking routine.

Really? How can they say I drink too much? I sure as shit didn’t have a problem. I worked two full-time jobs, kept a clean house, cooked every meal from scratch and enjoyed plenty of activities with my children.

I just liked to have a glass of wine at night to wind down. Maybe two if it was a bad day. On the weekends I would enjoy an adult beverage while out on the town and often I would have friends and family over and down a bottle of Patron.

But I was young. I was having fun. I wasn’t hurting anyone.

I guess Ty didn’t see it like that and I can’t say I blame him.

I’ve said this many times before and I’ll say it again….

It wasn’t until I was sober for months that I realized I did in fact drink too much and too often. With each passing month, then year I am grateful that I changed for them and more importantly for myself.

Being healthy and active is the best gift I could ever give my family. While I’m far from perfect, I no longer worry about what they think of me. Even better, I’m no longer scared that they will grow up and live like me.

Last month, my oldest son, Tyheem, and I competed in our first team CrossFit competition – chalking up another victory on my journey back to self.

The three event competition was held at our gym CrossFit Rigor in Blaine Minnesota. Here’s a look at what workouts we completed that day.

  • Workout #1 – 20 min AMRAP: 150 Air Squats then: 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 (etc)Hang Clean (95/65) + Burpees onto a plate
  • Workout #2 – Shoulder to Overhead Ladder: Athletes have 40 seconds to perform two shoulder to overhead lifts at each weight, 20 seconds to rotate between rounds. Last set can be repped out for bonus points. Weights are taken from the floor.
  • Workout # 3 – 7 min AMRAP: 7 Russian KB Swings (35/26) plus 7 Toes-to-Post

Ty really stepped up to the plate and impressed me right off the bat by killing the hang cleans. Honestly, I wasn’t even sure he could do 10 reps but he breezed through it all! I really enjoy seeing the competitive nature arise in my children.

When the day was over, Ty asked when can we start training for the next one. That right there made the day a success.

Overall it was a great day. We spent time sitting in the car and talking because neither of us likes crowds. Really, anytime I can get him to talk it’s a win and I’ll take it.

It’s moments like these that makes me realize that I’m indeed headed in the right direction. I get to be a strong role model and mother to two incredible boys.

We train hard, lift big weights, and enjoy the process as a family. All the madness and hard work pays off and I truly enjoy being an unconventional soccer mom from the ‘burbs.

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