60 Day Challenge – The Results

The 60-Day Challenge at CrossFit Kingfield has come to a close. This past weekend, we recorded our body measurements (i.e. chest, waist, neck, thigh, etc.) and weight.

We also re-tested a 3-rep max front squat, a 1,000 meter row and a 10-minute version of “Cindy”, which is as many rounds as possible of 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups and 15 air squats.

We all had different goals and different definitions of what it meant to be strong, but we were all there on Saturday morning ready to support each other as we compared these metrics to the baseline we had established back on January 31st.

January 31, 2016April 2, 2016
Body weight167.6 lbs.158.8 lbs.
 3-rep max Front Squat165 lbs.185 lbs.
 1,000 meter Row0:03:470:03:34
 10-minute “Cindy”7 rounds + 25 reps7 rounds + 25 reps

The numbers don’t lie. I believe I have gotten stronger based on the increase in my front squat (and the feeling that I still had a bit more room to go if time had allowed) and shaving 13 seconds off my row.

My total reps for the 10-minute “Cindy” remained the same but I am actually happy that I matched my previous effort given since minutes before I had lifted more weight and rowed faster. My engine had clearly improved.

As for the difference in body weight, I admitted to Coach Emily when she took the measurements that I wasn’t sure what I was expecting on the scale.

I’m not sure losing almost two pounds was as important to me as the change in my physical appearance and I don’t think I moved the needle much in 60 days.

Further, the last two weeks of the challenge were very difficult. I had a lot of family celebrations the first week and had broken the challenge “rules” more than I’d like to admit.

I am glad I chose time with family but I allowed myself too many free passes. And then the last week, probably coming off the sugar high of Easter and multiple birthday cakes, my routine outside of the gym faltered.

I had been doing ROMWOD every night before bed during most of the challenge, but last week I was skipping it as I just felt tired and unmotivated.

Further, I “treated” myself due to some stress at work and one cookie led to a second and third.

But the good overall outweighs the bad in this challenge and I don’t want the last two weeks to blemish the positive experience. Not only did I improve in the gym but I completed my first full CrossFit Open.

I got my first bar muscle-up and pushed myself in all the workouts. I think my re-test of the 1,000-meter row is reflective of that mental toughness that I built up during the Open.

Further, I was able to get to know the gym community better through the challenge and realize that I do have people who support and cheer and empathize with my efforts.

And I felt like I made an impact in other’s efforts by being able to share tips and recipes.

With that in mind, I decided to shake off the last two weeks and not let the 60-day challenge be in vain.

I spent Sunday prepping food for the week – hard boiled eggs, sweet potatoes with peppers and onion, mini turkey meatloaf muffins and roasted pork loins.

I also decided that I need to dig deeper into my nutrition and understand how I can sustain my efforts over the long-term.

I am meeting with Coach Emily this week to go over my health goals and discuss a nutrition plan.

Finally, I got back on the ROMWOD bandwagon and am feeling swole and flexy. (Though I really still cannot stand sitting in saddle position.)

You might recall that I had previously talked about extending the 60-day challenge to 100-days. While I am technically on day 61 of that 100, I’ve decided to regroup and focus my efforts on the goal of working towards Memorial Day upon which I will do “Murph.”

It is a benchmark CrossFit WOD that consists of 1-mile run followed by 300 squats, 200 push-ups and 100 pull-ups in any order, and then another 1-mile run. It will be my third year in a row doing it with a weight vest.

I am going to dedicate myself to my training and nutrition to improve over past year performances. I’m excited to have a specific target in mind as I felt a bit lost last week.

My frustration has subsided and enthusiasm has grown as I am beginning to have a plan come together.

I found a great push-up progression to work on over the next 8 weeks and I am going to start running stairs again on Friday mornings with the November Project.

I’ve got 55 days until “Murph.”

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