60 Day Challenge – Patience Young Grasshopper

The 60 day challenge at my gym is halfway through. For many the enthusiasm has waned a bit as all the new “good” habits become routine and the removed trigger foods (i.e. sugar, refined carbohydrates, alcohol) are being missed.

Another 30 days now seems like a long time to keep foregoing that glass of wine or declining that piece of birthday cake being passed around the office break room.

The change is not coming fast enough and it is hard to recognize any clear difference between the before and after.

For myself, I’ve committed to keeping the challenge going for a total of 100 days, the end of which coincides with Memorial Day.

It is admittedly getting a bit difficult to see the light as I seem to be in a very long tunnel.

My weeks are becoming to look the same. On Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays I attend class at CrossFit Kingfield.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays I do a rowing workout at home in the morning. Wednesday night is my Yin class at Yess Yoga and on all the other days of the week I do a 20-minute stretching/mobility session via ROMWOD.

I have a protein shake in the morning after my workout and in the evening before bed. I have some variation of an egg bake with rice for breakfast, a packed lunch (meat, cheese, carrots and almonds) and then meat, vegetables and rice for dinner.

While there has been some variation on the food thanks to a few meals out, it does sound in general quite robotic and repetitive.

“The key to everything is patience. You get the chicken by hatching the egg, not smashing it.” Arnold H. Glasow

My coaches would chide me for not recognizing my progress. So I will admit that I have seen positive changes.

My sleep has improved, my overall energy level has been consistently high and I feel quite clearheaded. I have also leaned out a bit without losing more than a pound or two at most.

The struggle is sustaining all these efforts. I believe I have embraced the routine at least physically, but I’m not sure that I have done so fully yet mentally.

It’s a daunting thought to ask myself, “Am I really going to keep this up for another three months?” (Which really means, “Is this my new normal?”

These habits should not be thrown out the window at the end of the 100 days.)

I’ve spoken before about how important it is to have patience. I know I need to think long-term and not expect (and demand) immediate results.

We love seeing makeovers and transformations on TV but we forget that all they show is a montage and not the hours upon hours of unedited footage.

I’m truly testing my patience with this challenge more than ever before. Previous efforts have only been sustained in prep for a competition or to complete a sugar detox and then I revert to my old ways.

I believe that my efforts here will not be in vain. I believe that I will see the results I want if I put in the work. I believe that 100 days will lead to an improved self that continues far beyond the end of the challenge.

But I do need help. What tips and tricks and techniques can I use to sustain these efforts?

How do I keep it fun?

How do I keep my mental sanity and not feel like I’m in a hamster wheel going nowhere?

How do I maintain my positive attitude and my belief that this challenge is worth it?

I welcome any advice that you can offer.

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